LEDLed vs lead

Its led by, not lead by. If it was lead by it would sound wrong, because lead always rhymes with deed.

I could see that applying to Prayer, but it seems to me that led should be lowercase regardless.

Unless of course good sir Daoudi benevolently provided the metal brackets holding the prayer chairs firmly to the ground.

in the past tense and as a past participle. Writers often mistakenly usein these roles, perhaps due to erroneous analogy with the verbis of course the correct spelling for the malleable, bluishwhite element used in pipes, solder, bullets, and paints.

Islamic Prayer, Led by Imam Daoudi This is correct, in my opinion.

It should be a lower case p in prayer and lower case l in led, otherwise you are quite correct.

Apart from the unnecessary capitalization of the initial letters of prayer and led.

This sentence certainly should include led. However the reasoning isnt quite true, the word lead can sometimes rhyme with fed, as in the metal lead.

He means the verb lead, not the noun lead.LEDLed vs lead

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