LEDLead Lead or Led?

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Led comes into play as the past tense of the verb lead.Derek Jeter led the New York Yankees to a World Series victory. I led you to the correct answer of this grammatical conundrum.If you can substitute the words guided or directed into the sentence, your correct choice is led.

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Brian A. Klems is the online community editor ofWriters Digestmagazine.

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Q Whats the difference between lead and led?Jake S.

Used as a verb, lead pronounced like greed means to guide or direct.I always try to lead my children by example. Brian A. Klems leads in the voting for BestLooking Male Grammar Expert.While I cant confirm the validity of the second example statement, I can confirm that lead is used properly.

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A Lead has two specific meanings. As a noun, lead pronounced like bread is a metallic element. Its labeled on the periodic le as Pb and sometimes found in really old paint.The U.S. government banned lead paint in . Lead pencils arent actually made out of lead; they are made out of graphite.A grammar example and a science lesson all in one! So whenever the word is used as a noun, its always spelled lead.LEDLead Lead or Led?

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