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Peliled flashlightcan FlashlightsNemo Dive SeriesOur new ing light series are designed for serious er, or the casual once in a while er. The Pelican™ Nemo ing lights work up to feet deep in waters. Water tight for the unplanned emergency rainy night.

Small FlashlightsPelican Flashlights for the needs you didnt know you had. Flashing red lights for visibility at night, adjusle heads, LED Xenon flashlights are available.

The Advanced Area Lighting Groups technology research not only contributes to saving energy, which is at a premium in todays market, but also provides a higher quality of light. Some of the benefits of LED lighting include cool IR and UVfree beam, low energy consumption, high reliability and a very long lifetime.

Tactical SeriesPelican Tactical Series is an innovative range of hitech flashlights for use by professionals. Representing an asset to the Law Enforcement market with their extreme brightness and durable construction enables them to withstand rugged conditions while out in the field.

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Large FlashlightsPelican The most powerful of Pelican™ lights. Incorporating ergonomic design for the user Pelican™ has gone out of its way to provide a better light source for your common, and uncommon needs. And as always, theyre built Pelican™ tough.

All lights in the series feature cutting edge Recoil LED technology™ that creates a brilliant collimated beam by shining a watt Luxeon LED backwards at a parabolic mirror to harness of the generated light.

Pelican Light Kits are small enough to fit in your glove compartment or toolbox. Perfect for camping, fishing, or emergencies. Your vorite flashlight combined with a special knife of compass wrapped in a strong polycarbonate clear case. Each kit content varies.

Pelican™ LED Flashlights. These bright LED lights create a clean white beam; long burntimes combined with hilumen output make for an efficient lighting tool.

IR NVG SeriesThese flashlights have the same features of the same name versions with xenon bulb or LED bulbs but are equipped with a special lens that alters the spectrum and cut the candlepower to preserve night vision.

Pelican The HeadsUP Lite™ provides hands free light to the exact area needed for all applications. The HeadsUP Lite™ is made of corrosionproof ABS polymer, and is equipped with an adjusle beam with large on/off switch and a comforle forehead pad.

Pelican Medium flashlights are built tough and ideal for industrial, recreational and home use. These are some of the features of the medium d lights. Also included are a few of the vorites of Firefighters.

The special material in the lens ring maintains a charge from exposure to ambient light from almost any source, including light bulbs, the sun or even the flashlights own beam. The resulting green glow shines like a beacon even after the light is switched off.

Safety ApprovedWe feel that designing a flashlight thats safe to use in volatile situations should not be a feature. Its fundamental. Thats why Pelican™ lighting tools are the most safety approved flashlights on the market.

Pelican™ is a manucturer of technically advanced flashlights. From police duty to severe underwater environments, Pelican™ products are the proven leader. Our Pelican™ flashlights and e lights are tough, easy to handle, lightweight, convenient and safe. Most of all they are reliable, especially in hazardous conditions. Pelican™ flashlights offer the brightness and safety needed whether in the workplace, during recreation or at home and are used by the US Military, Police and Fire Departments and Search and Rescue Teams worldwide.

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